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Ready for a Change?

Are you a compassionate person who finds joy in making a difference in the lives of others?

Career Seekers

Learn to teach in a unique home environment. You will develop close relationships with people as you teach them skills to increase their independence. This opportunity gives you a chance to change people's lives in the most rewarding way.  Be a part of a team that gives others the support and opportunity to reach their potential.  

Apply Online

Apply in Person

  • Submit Application and Resume with Cover letter.

  • Stop by the office Tuesday through Thursday 

     10 AM - 3 PM

  • Bring resume and cover letter

  • Complete brief application

  • Possibly interview immediately

Words From Our Team


  •  “We are all a family here.  I love the close relationships we all have." 

  • “When I was looking for a job, I wanted to work where I made a difference and was doing something important.  Little did I know how much I would grow and learn.  It also gives me a place to belong." 

  • It is rewarding to know “that I work for a company that respects each of their clients’ individuality, as well as takes care of their staff as if they are all family.  I cannot begin to tell you how incredible it is to be a part of.  Everyone matters and plays a part, and it can’t get much better than that.” - T.K.

  • “It is super rewarding, and the supervisors really try to make you feel appreciated."

  • “This job has become my career.  The people I work with have become some of my closest friends.  On my days off, I miss work.” - L.R.

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